Monday, January 11, 2010

Encounter in the Forest - Part 3 - Companion Characters

We continue a series dissecting an encounter for 4th Edition DnD.

Companion Character Background:
So, almost immediately after purchasing the DMG2 I was inspired by the rules for Companion Characters. For any who may not know; Companions are simplified party members with a small variety of abilities, meant to supplement a party role or act as henchmen or the like.

The two companions currently in this party are: A Shadow Hound which the Feytouched Warlock saved from it's (now deceased) master. As well as a Warforged Divine Champion of the Dwarven God of Battle.

It was a lot of fun creating the stat's for these two characters. The Shadow Hound was crafted by applying the rules from DMG2 to it's MM entry, and leveling it up to 11. The Warforged was created by combining elements of the Warforged Knight and Warforged Flamepriest available in the Compendium, and had to be leveled down so as not to outshine the party (though he was hardly in danger with terrible rolls that missed everything he attacked).

Overall I would say that the Companion characters do exactly what they are supposed to, flesh out the party. They have added tactical options which did not exist before in the two-person adventuring party, without taking anything away from the player characters.

Next - Part 4 - The Aftermath and the Future

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