Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Gheron the Veteran

I was inspired by a post on Dungeons Master about Characters with sub-par ability scores.

This inspired me to create an NPC, with stat's and backstory. The Stat's are designed for 4E, but the character should easily fit into a variety of systems.

Gheron the Veteran

"It's not my blade that kept me alive in that frozen hell of a battlefield. I was smart, smarter than those who died at least."

Gheron was a soldier in the front lines of a war that most have forgotten by now. He lived, though it left him a shadow of his former self.

The war claimed his left arm, and left his body battered and scarred. He has trouble with heavy work, and the pain is a constant reminder of that battlefield long ago.

After the war in the northern regions, Gheron took what he had and made his way south, nearly dying again in his desperate attempt to leave his past behind. Yet even in his workshop near the coast, his memories still find him.

Physical Description
Gheron is stout even by his races standards. He is short and blocky, with a distinct overhang to his brow. From beneath that brow shine a pair of hardened yet inquisitive eyes, green in the light. He is typically dressed in heavy woolen clothes and a thick cloak to keep out the wind and hide his stump of an arm.

Behavior and Mannerisms
After what he has been through, Gheron is very cold to anyone he doesn't know. His brashness and pride serving as a defensive mechanism. if anyone should inquire about his arm, he will respond with a gruff "Shove off! Ya berk!" (berk in this case being an insult from his homeland).

There are only a few folks who have gotten past the tough shell of this Dwarf, but to them he is known to be warm and friendly, if a bit shy about his past. Gheron desperately wants someone to confide in, but is worried about losing face and what he has left of his pride.

Should the players earn his trust, perhaps by helping him with a task he is unable to perform himself (just don't tell him that), Gheron actually has many ways in which he can help a party. If the players are persistent in gaining the favor of the maimed dwarf he will eventually warm to them.

It turns out that Gheron is more than just a lucky Dwarf who's smarts kept him alive. He is in fact a master craftsman of trinkets and mechanical devices. Within the small workshop attached to his house he has the ability to tinker up just about anything the players may need for their adventure.

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