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Yamil Zacra - Homebrew

So I was reading an interesting post on The Other Side by Tim Brannon. His link and writeup of the star Yamil Zacra was very interesting, and was a Lovecraftian horror I had never heard of before.

Soon I will be starting a new campaign, and one of my players is planning on playing a Starpact Warlock, so what better time to create Yamil Zacra as a Pact Patron. This will follow the basic outline from the Dragon articles concerning Warlock Patrons.

Patron: Yamil Zacra
The dark reddish glow is barely visible, and yet there is a malevolent glee present in you as you stare into the sky, it is almost as if a thousand tiny points of fire are tracing themselves through your veins... It is exhilarating.
Origin: Watching silently from a distance, It has always had interest in the world. Sending tiny sparks of it's own evil essence to bury themselves within the flesh of mortals. These motes of malevolent flame trace their microscopic path through all mortal things. Fanning the fires of evil, and garnering those of the greatest strength to join others who live upon it's single planet in glory. What the goals of this cosmic center of evil are cannot be known, and yet the call of eons of evil knowledge and power draws many to these sparks of malevolence.
Goals: Yamil Zacra only has one goal. Baleful Power. It is the draw of all who choose to embrace the Red Star's sparks. If you can prove before the servants of Yamil Zacra that you are of the greatest power on the planet, then perhaps it will see fit to take you to that massive orb of rock which orbits it, where yet more unimaginable challenges await.
Interaction: Trying to contact Yamil Zacra directly would be deadly to all but the strongest warlocks, but timidness shall not mar your path. First one must learn the secrets of the stars which burn within your body before the evil of Nemesis (Yamil Zacra's other name) can be yours. Communing with the memories of evil stored in the star-sparks is painful beyond imagining, with the fires racing through your bloodstream and setting alight the synapses of your brain, leaving ancient curses in their wake. Sometimes the star-sparks are responding to the bearers call, but sometimes the sparks choose to exercise their will on an unsuspecting person. A normal life might be turned upside down by the revelation of the power which sits latently within ones flesh.
Communication: Attempting to speak with Yamil Zacra does not happen, rather one must learn the lessons of their star-sparks. These sparks will impart their knowledge through the dreams of the Warlock, but only in response to an act of great evil, such as the murder of an innocent family. The greater the atrocity, the greater the knowledge imparted by these malevolent motes of fire.
Pact Boon: Yamil Zacra's motes of fire respond to the death of powerful enemies, imparting a flash of knowledge to you, yearning for you to use it to cause even greater destruction.
Roleplaying: You know of the power of Yamil Zacra, but can any know the dark star's intentions? Do you seek to understand the unknowable, or would you rather let it guide you to it, and bask in it's infinite malevolence. Questions abound about Yamil Zacra, yet answers do not come easily. While the entity and it's fiery spawn are entirely and completely evil, might you use the power it gives for the furtherment of other works? Can you harness this knowledge it grants without being drawn to the side of the massive star... Only time will tell if your mind remains your own.
Suggested Traits: Sadistic, Hidden, Disturbing, Fiery, Visible Power, Dangerous

Heroic Tier Powers
Fires of Dark Knowledge                                                                 Warlock Utility 6 
You call out to the tiny specks of stellar matter which fill your body, they respond in  
a burning flash of malevolent inspiration.                                                                      
Encounter <> Arcane                                                                                                     
Minor Action          Personal                                                                                          
Effect: Take 5 points of fire damage (this bypasses any fire resistance you may have),
in return, you gain a +1 power bonus on the next D20 roll you make before the end   
of your next turn.                                                                                                             

Black Curse of Impediment                                                       Warlock Encounter 7
Briefly your appearance is replaced with a dark void, except for a faint red glow       
which burns like a raging fire. The words you utter may be alien, but the victim         
knows full well their implication.                                                                                    
Encounter <> Arcane, Implement, Necrotic                                                                
Standard Action         Ranged 10                                                                                  
Target: One Enemy                                                                                                         
Attack: Charisma vs. Reflex                                                                                           
Hit: 3d8 + Charisma Modifier Necrotic Damage, and the target is slowed (save ends)
   Star Pact: The target takes a penalty on all attack roles against you equal to 1 +    
your Intelligence Modifier until the end of your next turn.                                             

Yuhz's Black Corona                                                                  Warlock Daily 10     
A ghostly image of Yuhz, Yamil Zacra's midnight binary, appears behind you. Those  
nearby see the power you hold at your fingertips, as the waves of dark fire                
emanations sear their flesh.                                                                                           
Daily <> Arcane, Fire, Fear, Implement                                                                      
Standard Action           Close Burst 2                                                                           
Target: Each creature in burst                                                                                         
Attack: Charisma vs. Reflex                                                                                            
Hit: 3d6 + Charisma modifier fire damage.                                                                       
Effect: Gain a +5 bonus to Intimidate checks for the rest of the encounter.                       
   Star Pact: The damage is considered to be composed of half Necrotic damage, and     
you gain an additional bonus to Intimidate equal to your Intelligence modifier.                    

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